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    "Thank you so much for the ruler it arrived today and is even better than I had imagined it to be. I also just wanted              to say how nice it is to come across a company with such excellent customer services." 

Becky Ransome-Wallis

                            "I just wanted to thank you for the ruler which was delivered today. It's a present for my                 daughter’s family, and I know they’ll love it! The quality and design is excellent." 

Judy Kennon 

                 "The ruler (although to be fair it's a piece of art) looks great and already is quite the talking point when             other people see it. Now I just need a massive sheet of paper and pen to match!"




Our fabulous Rulers are the ultimate Height Chart for all the family. Each one is cut from top quality environmentally friendly Redwood Pine, then chamfered and stained to look just like your original old school ruler. The measurements include feet and inches on one side and centimeters on the other, just like they were at school only this ruler goes up to 6'6"! Because each Ruler is made by hand, no two rulers will ever be the same, and as wood is a natural product yours may have knots, small scratches or minor dents. These are natural imperfections and add character to your ruler. Wood naturally gives off moisture and it’s a fact that timber will move with whatever is going on around it. For this reason we recommend hanging your Ruler as soon as you receive it, which will help it settle into its environment & prevent the woods twisting.


No more recording your family’s heights on the wall, then wondering what to do when you move or need to redecorate. Take your Ruler Height Chart with you through life and it will become the heirloom everyone wants to inherit!


As an alternative to the Original wooden Ruler Height Chart, you can also choose from one of our painted rulers, from the gorgeous range of Farrow & Ball colours. If you’d like yours personalised, go for the Bespoke Ruler.


Unlike some Ruler Height Charts, ours start from the floor, guaranteeing you’ll always have your measurement exactly right. Don’t worry about small skirting boards, the length of the ruler dispels the gap between wood and wall, and after all it is a Real Ruler and not a part of a Ruler!


They make wonderful gifts, Wedding, Christening, Birthday, Christmas, or just because you love it! Or… read my story for more idea


When I came up with the idea of making a height chart that looked like a Ruler some 15 years ago, my children were youngsters and measuring their heights was the sole aim of producing such a product. Now I’ve been in business for the past 9 years, my small children have grown up (all passing me on the height front)! and are now adults themselves. So, I’ve begun to look at my height charts with fresh eyes. I’ve heard people’s comments over the years about not needing one as their children are too tall, or flown the nest, or they have no grandchildren yet. All these comments are of course fine, but moving forward I realised there was more to measuring our heights than just for the children.


Recently a friend of mine ordered a Ruler for her Pilates studio, as she looks after a lot of older clients suffering from osteoporosis and other height loss afflictions. They love the fact that after the class she can measure their height to show that over time they are standing taller and their impairment is being treated positively.


I also sold a Ruler to a Ballet teacher who wanted to show her students how tall they could be when using them ‘Pointes’ to best of their ability.


Then there was the interior designers who wanted one to add to a clients home because it’s a fabulous ‘piece of art’ that also has a function, adding a gift card that read “We’ve built your home to grow into”! The company director who wanted one in the lobby, personalised with their logo, and the headmaster who ordered one for each classroom with a blackboard strip down the centre, so each year they could start the measurements again! and from these orders, we introduced “Bespoke’ designs. I’m happy to work with you on your idea before the measurements are added, so if it will fit on a 6’6” plank of wood, lets give it a go

Fern Plant



We believe in giving back to our planet, that's why we plant a tree every time you buy one of our Ruler Height Charts. We have also taken the steps to remove all plastics from our packaging where possible, have switched to environmentally friendly paint and sustainably sourced Redwood Pine. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can further improve our sustainability programme, please get in touch!



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